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It is the fastest mobile browsing application. It works on both Android and iOS device. It is available on Google play store and apple store. Its size is only 15.90 MB. It has 10 million downloaders with an average rating of 4.2 stars. This app is offered by CloudMosa, Inc. It will increase the browsing speed and save the mobile data. It is much better than other browsing apps because it has encrypted cloud servers. So that browsing will be safe and secure. Its beta version will work in windows. The pro app is also available for $2.99. It provides the users Adobe Flash Support. You can download files to the cloud. Puffin Web Browser provides the fastest JavaScript engine.




All traffic is encrypted and it is much secured. It protects us from hackers. It is safe to use public Wi-Fi connections through Puffin Web Browser. The operation of this app will do simultaneously by the developers. You can save your data up to 90{a99e48beebcc5b44e2a262a23bc8a21b3e8b656a2378bc4223596d983046798f} while you browse. You can download files to cloud storage (up to 1 GB per file). It provides desktop and mobile view in browsing page. It will auto clean your browsing history. You can change the theme color of toolbar and slide bar. This app is blocked in some countries like China, Saudi, Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. It has awesome page load capacity and rendering speed. It has virtual trackpad and gamepad. It provides the latest version of the flash player over the cloud servers.  It provides theater modes for flash videos and games. If the user will click on a link through Puffin Browser, the request will be sent to the Puffin’s remote servers. After that, the server will collect the information relating to that link. Finally, it will load to the webpage. This app provides same features to mobiles like the web.


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