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Banning VoIP in Gulf Countries to protect the telephonic industry. The online applications such as Skype, Facebook Whatsapp,  Messenger, Google Duo, Face time, Telegram has been officially banned the video and voice calls. It thoroughly shows that VoIP services are banned by ‘Du and Etisalat’, they are the only licensed Telecommunications Regularity Authority (TRA).

The industry of telephonic world should be under the hand of Du and Etisalat. All those citizens of the countries are taken the advantage to follow the rules and provided by the government. Each penny of the land subscriber the local telephonic services and paying the fixed amount of 50 dirhams (Vita) as a monthly rate.

 Vouchers granted by  UAE Telecommunication

    On the other hand, the telecommunication centres, give some advantage towards the users. The application such as BOTIM, HiU Messenger, Voice, Microsoft Teams, provide ultimate voice and calling free for two weeks especially for the beginners. The subscribers can only be paid after the free subscription. Thus the users can happily handle it anywhere at any time.


Through the BOTIM app, one can make video and voice call to any countries as their wish. Mainly there are two simple packages that are followed by the app and it AED 50 per month for 3G/4G cellular data. The quality of the audio and video are crystal clear and many discount qualities are provided by Du and Etisalat.


2 Voico

The app Voico is only available by individuals who attained 13 years old. One can use it for video and Voice calls through this application. It is available in phone or desktop and also in Apple and Android stores. Many multiple functions are available through this app such as post, correct, edit and delete items. It is incapable of emergency calls such as 911, 999 or 911


3 Microsoft Teams

Teams provide ultimate data offers for UAE customers. Both the jeans and some applications allow virtual conferencing, through the Middle East business and travel hubs. There are many features in this app such as booking application, online classes and business meeting and so on.


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