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We live in an era of ever-growing technology and people use this technology to update their skills as well as to give space for their leisure activities. Many people love traveling and there is a wide range of applications available in the market that helps them to navigate anywhere in this world with much less difficulty. Google Map stands out as the best among the navigation applications as it allows a plethora of features with every time update possible by all means.  Malayalam is a south Indian language spoken by people of Kerala and Google Maps has the provision to search within it using the Malayalam language.

Google Maps will receive voice commands in your native language and it gives you the desired information about the place with everything you need about it. Google provides Gboard – the Google Keyboard Android application that has several features as Handwriting, Voice typing, Emoji Search, Multilingual typing, Google Translate, Glide Typing, etc. Install the Gboard and try downloading the desired language pack which includes a variety of languages. You can download and enable the Malayalam language pack and can start typing in your own language for searching places, getting directions, information about a particular place, etc.

Now, if you want to get the directions on Google Maps in the Malayalam language, then you have to set Google Maps navigation language into Malayalam. Here is how it works:


  • First, open the Google Maps app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the Menu icon and choose settings options
  • In the settings, tap on the Navigation settings option and select your preferred voice.
  • Tap on the Voice selection and you can see the list of voice languages available there.
  • The default Voice language will be English in the settings. Now choose your preferred language and then save it.
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