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Dolby On: Record Audio & Music


Dolby on is available on Android and iOS

There are many video Creators in our world. They want a system with the superior sound quality inside their own phone. The latest app Dolby on, fulfil all your needs under one simple app. It is designed for easy recording of audio and video with live streaming and superior Dolby sound quality. Another feature of the app is that it is available on Android and iOS and also free in India.
Depending on the company Dolby can hear sounds and automatically apply audio effects such as compression, EQ, limiting noise reduction, stereo widening and more. A user can edit sound styles like photo filter available on Instagram. The app focuses on the success of the record and lives stream in audio and video beyond the extraordinary sounds from the comforts of home without going to a studio. Today, Dolby on being praised the new voice revolution.
The difference between Dolby and other Soundsystems is great. Why Dolby different from others?? We answer the question with our innovated audiovisual technology.

Dolby’s remarkable audiovisual technologies help you to experience your experience to the fullest. The spirit of artist filmmakers and storytellers is fulfilled through our excellent Soundsystem. Dolby presents a song that feels deep in your chest, in a stunningly vivid way. The voice of a colleague on a call from around the world, but they seem to be right next to you. We bring life to your experiences through our advanced audiovisual technologies. We promise that Dolby will empower creativity….

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