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Feeling to watch one of your favorite Malayalam movies? Are you confused about where to search for it? The simple and easy way is none other than the SAINA play application. SAINA play is the world’s leading subscription service that allows you to watch Indian regional movies on your favorite device, that too on your smartphone. This is a mobile application that delivers the best experience anywhere and anytime with High Definition quality and clarity.

You can explore the original content among the plethora of movies available within 300+ titles. Using your SAINA Play membership, you can get your free app and use this best platform to watch your all-time favorite movies. Many old movies, which you wish to watch again, could be easily found in this application. If you are not a SAINA Play member, then you have to sign up and then start enjoying your movies and videos.

How does this application work?

  • Use your SAINA Play membership so that it gives you access to unlimited movies. And the monthly subscription is low. You can even upgrade to yearly subscription plans even at lower charges.
  • Over 300+titles are available and this allows you to browse among thousands of movies and new episodes of series that are added regularly without any fail.
  • The list of supported devices in which you can install the SAINA play application is an ever-expanding list. You can search for the titles and watch them on your phone or any of the supported devices within no time.
  • You have the provision to see the rating in order to assist you in your movie selection.


The size of the application is about 35MB and it has now been updated with more payment options.

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