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Whoever doesn’t enjoy taking snapshots? Now a day people are competing with each other to post their snaps in social media with different looks and make them stand out as special from others. The ever-growing digital platforms and applications available in the market are struggling hard to make them stand along with each other by providing newly added features every minute. Wondershare Power Cam is a powerful photography tool that allows you to give your snapshot a touch of something special.

Wondershare is a camera app that comes with a ton of additional tools and different filters with which you can try out your picture in different modes. The different features include:

  • You can shoot and record your video with real-time effects
  • 36 effects are available including Old Photo, Lomo Cyan, etc. that too in real-time mode with which you can shoot your images. Have fun and inspire others with your creativity.
  • A photo booth is available with different layouts where you can take consecutive photos
  • The panorama mode can even add greater effects in real-time too
  • different color splash shooting modes are available including black and white which you can switch in between the shoot easily
  • tilt-shift technique is available for landscape and round object focusing
  • simply smile to have a self-picture, the app can identify your smile and gives an automatic snapshot
  • anti-shaking allows you to take a perfect snap even if you are shaky
  • incredible set of toolsets for editing your pictures
  • the collage’ mode allows you to join many photos together in one single composition
  • the edit mode allows you to crop, rotate, and adjust any image on your device


  • you have the share option to share your edited and creative cool snap anywhere on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


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