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Ente Jilla App: one place to find government services and contacts


Each and every citizen of the nation requires the service of the government in one way or the other in different paths of their life. The most commonly used service nowadays is the Akshaya center where people go for any application lodging or professional needs. Hence in several ways we, the people are always in need of government services as well as to contact them for the speedy actions of their needs. We usually go to a government office and direct contact with the employee or staff there depending on our needs. But here is an application that will help every citizen in order to find out the government services as well as their contact numbers to connect with them personally or through their office.

Ente Zilla is such an application that is popular now with ease of use and is named in Malayalam too. This is an Android application, in which people can find out the office address of every government office in Kerala. The service of this application is not only limited to accessing the official address but also we can get the location, contact umber as well as the email address of the government officials related to that particular office. One of the major attractive features of this app is that the list of all major offices in Kerala state can be found in out district wise too. This app also provides the top 10 event details, collector’s desk messages as well as grievances.


Another main factor that stands out popular in this application is that the user can provide a review about any government offices or the working or behavior of the officials in any government offices. You can install it directly from the Google Play Store and choose your desired district to continue. This will then provide you with all the necessary details of the offices available in that particular district.


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