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How to speed up Mobile internet without app or settings


Slow internet? Here’s a solution.

What problem do we all have in common Is it the weather? Political scenarios? Or lockdown boredom? ​All these are common things, I agree. But what about our pathetic network signals.  Which one is slower; you network speed or a snail?​

Ofc.. all points to network speed. In this era of online classes and budding technological activities, we all, at some time or other time, face this nasty behaviour of our network operators. There can be innumerable explanations to justify our slow internet speed. Earlier we were much stoic and waited for an extra minute to get our website loaded.  But now, we become savage beings If it doesn’t get loaded within a matter of seconds. we introduce a simple method to mitigate your problem. ​

​So..this is very simple. Try it and you’ll undoubtedly be nonplussed. The only thing that you have to do is -make a phone call.  Yes, as simple as that. For example, while uploading a video or playing games or downloading large files, just make a call from your phone (from which mobile data is used)  to another phone(it can be of any operator).  You can see a tremendous hike in the Download or upload speed. This sure works for any operators and can help you get your work done in the shortest time possible. ​Many users have found it helpful. It worked for the majority of them. Most videos posted online for increasing the internet speed is based on making changes in APN settings. Even after changing the settings, many users found it unproductive. ​

Watch the video

So ..this is your best possible way to boost your internet speed by 2-3 times.​Try it guys.​

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