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WhatsApp is a fast-growing application that has conquered the minds of youth as well as the adults and event he old aged citizens within no time. It has become a part of our life and has replaced the position of the newspaper making it rank the next. It has been used for both business chats and personal chats widely by people around the world. With the new advancements and the added features day by day, many tips and tricks are available which makes it more and more popular.

Now, what will be the reaction when you accidentally delete some of your messages in WhatsApp? Is it possible to recover your massages? Yes, it is possible now. Here you can find some tips to recover your messages once you delete them accidentally or not.

The backup option makes it simple

WhatsApp allows to back-up its content using the backup feature option which when enabled stores its contents to the cloud storage like Google drive. It will not affect our privacy but by midnight by 2, AM WhatsApp saves a backup file to our local storage. If we want to restore our WhatsApp chat messages and recover our messages, we should need a backup file.

To turn on the backup option:

  • Go to the Settings options.
  • Click on the Chats option
  • Now tap on Chat backup.
  • We can set up the chat backup frequency mode as never, daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • We can also set this as a manual backup as well.

To recover the chats:

  • On our phone, find the File Manager App.
  • Then select and click the WhatsApp folder.
  • Select the option Database. This folder has all the backup files of WhatsApp that are stored locally on our phones.
  • From the many files, select the most recent backup file and rename it in order to prevent it from being overwritten.
  • Now uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it. We will get a prompt to restore chats from a local backup.
  • Click on the Restore option and our deleted chats are right back now!
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