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Tile at Half Price , A Hidden place in Kerala


The first thing that catches our eyes after walking into is a new house is definitely the flooring style. It flares out across a large area of our abode, to its breadths and lengths. So while purchasing flooring materials one has to be heedful. Many aspects should be considered and should make us contented. But today it’ll cost the earth to purchase our favourite flooring materials. Despite being stiff, they might not be up for grabs as we wish. But Natural Stones tiles locates in Vengara locality of Malappuram is your definite solution for this problem. This exclusive tile shop provides you with tiles at rock bottom prices.

This shop trades tiles which are disposed of by manufactures because of lilliputian deformities which can be easily wiped out during floor processing. Smooth and shiny tiles of dimensions 4*4,2*4,8*4 and 3*6 are available at costs as low as Rs.30 per sq. ft. 8*4 tiles cost a maximum of Rs.65 per sq. ft. Retail value of these tiles costs an average of Rs.200-350 in normal shops. ( Top-notch brands like Johnson, RAK, Simola tiles are the major attractions.

So to decorate your residence with cost-effective yet magnificent flooring, visit Natural stones. Many satisfied customers all over Kerala are enough to mark its graded and exquisite products. In this period of economic struggle, this enterprise sure can help you to build the house of your dreams. To know more about Natural Stones contact-8593917886

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