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The weather and the climatic conditions in Kerala are now changing in an unpredictable manner. People used to predict the seasons and weather changes based on recent experiences which were like a regular pattern. But now the changes that are happening because of many factors are alarming like anything. Metbeat weather is the first private weather forecasting firm in Kerala that has emerged out to help people with accurate weather predictions.

The Metbeat weather application is available in the Google Play store and has now come up with a high rating. The main aim is to make people aware of the Climatic Changes and Weather risks in the local language Malayalam. The application has been developed after conducting detailed studies and research on the climatic changes in the different regions of Kerala.

This application forecasts weather after analyzing the data given by international Weather Agencies, International-level weather, climate models, data from Satellites and Radars, Private Weather groups from different countries, Geographical conditions, Terrain of Kerala, and Current weather conditions in the state. Many Local media firms are also using this application in order to forecast the weather reports for news purposes. Metbeat weather application provides precise weather updates by using detailed analysis of Numerical Weather Models (NWP) and Atmospheric data. The main feature of the application that makes it more popular within less time is its accuracy in forecasting. This group ensures accuracy by frequently monitoring the weather conditions of an area of about 2000 kilometers around Kerala.


Metbeat Weather application has got enormous popularity because of its simple yet effective interface. Different emulator packages are available for enabling the application to run on Android platforms. Memuplay and Bluestacks are two such emulators that help you to install the app on your android device or PC.

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