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Artham: learn Malayalam offline


There are numerous applications and websites available in the digital market that allows the user to learn different languages. Many of them are in the format of the paid version but a majority of them give free usage of their app or website packages. Malayalam is the language spoken by the people of Kerala, which is known as God’s own country and the one that stands out proudly in the tourist space. Many applications, as well as websites, are available that allow the conversion of English words to Malayalam and vice versa for the people that look out for professional as well as personal uses.

Artham is one such application that has become popular in a short span of time. It is an offline application to learn Malayalam. It is a lite version of the Olam dictionary and the main feature that makes it more popular is its database. It has a large database of over 2 lakh definitions, still being a small app available in the Google play store. The database includes not only words and meanings, but is also enriched with idioms and phrases that are commonly used.


Artham is completely an open-source platform that contains a very intelligent clipboard that provides easily the meanings of words that the user is looking for. The total size of this application is just 4.4 MB only and therefore is the smallest English Malayalam dictionary available in the Google Play Store. The most attractive thing that makes it more interesting and popular is that there are no advertisements in this application. This makes the usage of this app more comfortable and with no irritation to the user in between the usage.
Artham application thereby makes the learning of Malayalam easier, fun, and well as interesting to each one of its users.

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