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Do you know how many sim cards are in your name?


Now you can check how many sim cards are active in your name and block the unwanted numbers in a few clicks. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has introduced a new website to find this information. The website is called Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection (TAFCOP). You will get details about how many sim cards are in your id from this website. Using this portal you can also know about the sim cards taken in your id without your knowledge and report and block these numbers very easily.

How you can find the details using this portal?

You can log in to this portal by giving your mobile number and OTP. Here you can see all mobile numbers linked with your id. The telecommunication Department also developed an option for telecommunication. You can also opt for this option in a single click and know details about the sim cards issued in your name.

How many sim cards are in your name?

You can also give request to block these numbers in this portal. Click on the ‘This is not my number’ or ‘Not required’ options on the website. If the number is not yours click ‘This is not my number’ and if you are not using this number you can click ‘Not required. Telecom service providers will soon block or deactivate these numbers after getting the request. You can track all the processes by using the ticket id provided.

Besides this, The Telecommunication Department has taken steps to prevent fraud through mobiles by giving necessary guidelines and alerts to the public. According to the new rule, one person can take up to 9 sim cards in his name. And you will get an SMS while taking a new sim card. If the new connection issue is not with your consent you can report and block the numbers.

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