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Smartphones have brought about the premature death of space and time. However, life without smart devices is not possible for a man in today’s fast-paced life. Smartphones now a day accumulate a lot of personal data including passwords. But, how do keep them safe and secure? Here are some tips to help you keep your passwords and personal data in your mobile phones safe and sane.

  • The first and primitive layer of security in effect is to lock your device with a strong password. Some devices allow you to set a “touch ID” that opens your device in response to your fingerprint or you can set a “face ID” that unlocks your phone when the front-facing camera recognizes your face as your ID.
  • You should not download any applications or software from any unauthorized sources. Keep a track of all your activities and make sure you are not installing anything from any unknown sources. Hackers are always after you to steal your personal data in any way possible.
  • Make sure you always use strong passwords. It should contain capital letters, small letters, numbers,s, and special characters. Don’t ever set simple and easy passwords.
  • Avoid clicking on any suspicious links that come up along with any emails or messages. This can be trapped by hackers to steal all your personal data.
  • Ensure to update your software as soon as possible. Whenever you find a new update of your software is available, make sure you install it immediately.
  • Try not to use any unprotected Wi-Fi networks for browsing. This can easily allow people to track your data from devices.
  • Enable the remote wiping of your personal data so that when you find your mobile device stolen, you easily wipe out your data remotely.
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