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KSFE Multi Division Chitty


Many individuals consider chitty as a significant financial instrument to meet their various financial needs. It is a less risky financial instrument. So, the number of people investing in chitty is high. KSFE chits are more popular among people because they are more secure compared to other chits. In the case of KSFE Chitty, the Government assures a 100 percent guarantee for the full amount invested.

KSFE presents various types of chits. Among these KSFE Multi Division Chits are a great option for investors. The monthly payment of this chitty is 10,000 rupees. But you need to pay 10,000 rupees in the first month only. Rest of the months you need to pay just 7,375 rupees. Individuals get 2,625 rupees as a share of the profit every month.
The period of this chitty is 120 months. One lot and three auctions are available every month. This is an outstanding feature of Multi Division Chits. Individuals who win in the lot will get 95 percent of the total amount (after deducting 5% KSFE commission), 9.5 lakhs.
If you don’t have any urgent financial needs, you can deposit the amount received through the lot in KSFE itself. KSFE will provide 6.5 percent interest for your deposits. You can use this interest amount to pay monthly chit funds.

Customers can take loans by just giving their passbook as security from this chitty. They will get a loan from the amount already paid. Besides this, customers can also take loans by giving collateral securities. KSFE will give up to 6 lakh rupees as a loan if you provide adequate collateral securities. Compared to other investment options, chits are safer and risk-free. Among these KSFE chits are more secure because they are under the control of the Government.

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