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You might have passed through many situations where you have been thinking of saving your money a bit more. Or you might have crossed a day like thinking about how to solve your expenditure problems. A paper pen calculation is not going to make you happy with the solution but there are many financial managing apps now in the market where you can easily manage your budgets and meet your targets.

Money Lover is an app developed for managing your expenses and for tracking your budget. This app is an award-winning personal finance managing app. Money lover app is an Editors’ Choice App since 2016. This app is an all-in-one financial management app that includes the features like tracking, budgeting, reporting, and planning.

The main features are:

  • Money Management: It can track personal financial expenses and incomes by specific categories like food fuel, etc. that are too supportive in both phone and laptop.
  • Reporting: You can make all your spending habits into a financial report that includes all spending, income by date, or by category.
  • Budgeting: this app can alert you if your expenses are close to your budget limit and will provide you daily budget advice also.
  • Forecast Budget: you have the provision to adjust your expenses, and then can predict your total expenses based on your history.
  • Goal Wallet: this feature helps you to track saving progress and also motivates you to build up your saving habits.
  • Credit Card Wallet: this feature can relieve your stress and anxiety. You will receive a reminder whenever there exists a due and avoid late-payment fees.
  • Bill & Recurring transaction: this allows keeping all your bills in one place.
  • Tag for transactions: this allows tagging your entries and can get the report based on the tags.


  • Linked Wallet: this will update automatically all your transaction history & account balance and also links your online banking with Money Lover.
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