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Big file locator


 In our device, there are lots of junk files will appears day by day. Some of those are hidden in our file manager and we can’t find those files. The big file locator application will help to identify the big files from your device easily without any trouble. The application was developed and offered by Light App studio on March 27, 2016. It is one of the lowest sized application that can download from Google play store through the link.


The size of the application is only 863 Kb. It has more than fifty thousand downloaders with an average rating of 4.5 stars. After the installation, you need to grant the permissions to access your storage to identify the large files. The big file locator scan the internal storage and SD quickly. The highlight of the application is, it doesn’t consume too much of time to scan your files. It will orderly lists the files in descending order. So that you don’t need to check each and every folders to delete files. In the file manager, we have to look upon each and every file to find out the files that we searching for. The application is completely free to use and it’s an ads-free application. It doesn’t require an internet connection.

After opening the application, you can see an option ‘START’ at that time it will start scanning your files. Before that, we have to select a file location whether SD card or internal storage to scan. The main highlights of the application are.


  • Quick file search
  • It will continuously scan even we close the application ie; it provides background search even if we close the application.
  • You can limit the files display on your screen up to 100.
  • You can quickly identify the file location. It shown in the below of the file name.
  • You can easily delete files in one touch.
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