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Best Offline Navigation Apps


Who doesn’t like travelling? We all do, right? Sometimes we get on our wheels and roam around or just go for unexpected trips and vibe. Some trips would be our bucket list topper. They not only provide us with positive energy but also helps in exploring new lands and people and of course new foods. Life doesn’t have any map. It takes unexpected turns and twirls and leads us astray sometimes. But such is not the case with a voyage right. A clear and precise map and schedule are often needed for a great trip. Cent per cent sure, our smartphones comes as our saviours. We wouldn’t always get good network connectivity everywhere we go. And much to our bad luck most GPS navigation apps available need stable internet connectivity. But don’t worry, Playstore and iOS have got you covered So provided below are 5 best offline navigation apps to aid you along with your trips.

  1. Google Map

This is a Google era. Everywhere and anywhere Google. Speaking about offline maps, Google maps provides us with the  best service. You just have to download the route map and leave the rest to Google. With its advanced features and new avatar, google totally provides a user-friendly atmosphere. From local cuisine restaurants to indoor maps of airports, Google has everything. You can download it from play store.

  1. Me

With its pinpoint navigation data and travel guides, this app allows the user to edit maps and make necessary changes. Planning is made easier with readymade travel guides exclusively created by world-famous travel enthusiasts and hodophiles.
Also, finespun detailing is made available for places which are often missed out in other maps. Maps can be downloaded and saved. It can be downloaded from the google play store.


This application available exclusively for android users is another alternative for offline navigation maps. With an average, if 4.6 stars and over 50M+ downloads, this app provides clear cut directions with a  voice-over GPS navigation. They also provide traffic information and maps with accuracy. It keeps you safe by showing the speed limit and also keeps your money safe by providing the cheapest fuel tanks.

  1. HERE WEgo

Drive, ride, bike or walk. Take Here Wego with you. HERE WeGo is a free app that makes city navigation effortless whether you need a taxi, public transportation or drive on your own. But oops….this is not available in India. You can book your taxi’s, get offline maps and transit details of most of the countries.

  1. 2GIS: directory, map, navigation

2GIS is also a user-friendly app which is supported in Chile, some cities of UAE, some cities of Russia etc.  Users just have to download the database and everything after is completely offline. The application is available in play store with good user reviews. If you are driving, 2GIS will guide you along the road and warn you about the manoeuvres using the voice instructions. It will find the options of going by bus, metro, train, cable car and river tram. It finds construction products and tires from offline stores. It helps to find out the availability of goods in stores and compare prices in stores to purchase goods without overpayments. It also provides space for food delivery.

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