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With WhatsApp updating its privacy policy, which allows other Facebook-owned companies to access WhatsApp data, many users are going in search of alternative messaging apps with stronger privacy options. Without giving a second thought, Signal private messenger is the best option available out there to fill up this space. It is considered as the most secure and ‘privacy-assured’ service up for the grabs in the market. The most notable feature of Signal messenger is the State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open-source Signal Protocol™) keeps your conversations secure. Accessible both as an app and a browser-accessible website, it opens the door for sending and receiving fully encrypted messages, video and voice calls.

Optimized working is ensured even at low connectivity areas. Its definitive and swift message delivering facilities is commendable. The signal contains no ads, which means the platform has no ad delivery network software. The absence of ads is nice as an experience benefit, but it’s also safer and more secure without an ad insertion network having control of a portion of the app screen. Contacts are set up using the existing contact details available on one’s phone. You can also customize your settings for each individual contact. Users can also share photos, videos and Documents with each other. Groups can also be created. When it comes to security & privacy, no other instant messaging app can compete with Signal.


With all these subtle features, Signal Messenger already has a million users across the world. Users can download it from Apple iOS store and Google play store.  With a bright 4.5 star rating in the play store, many have it replaced for WhatsApp. With Signal Messenger you won’t be having your millennial-style gif and emoji-based conversations, but you can expect a proper messaging app where your privacy is respected.

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