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According to the belief of Islam, every Muslim should pray at five set times of the day.  Before sunrise (Salat al-fajr), midday: after the sun passes its highest (Salat al-zuhr), the late part of the afternoon (Salat al-‘asr), just after sunset (Salat al-maghrib), between sunset and midnight (Salat al-‘isha). Almost all Muslims never miss their prayer at any cost. An important fact in their prayer is that when they are praying, they should face in Qibla Direction. Qibla is the fixed direction towards the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque in Makkah, located in Saudi Arabia. It’s the direction in which all the Muslims stand and face while doing their prayers, at any place, any time, and wherever they are in the world.

But when people are in the traveling mode, many of them find difficulty in finding the right Qibla direction. So the Google has solved this issue by providing the Qibla finder. For using the Qibla finder, you need not have installed an application; instead, have an active internet connection and a browser application.

Steps to follow to find the Qibla direction:

  • First, open your Google Chrome or any other browser application in your device and search for Qibla Finder.

Or you can use this link:

  • On the home page, choose your language. The default language is set as English and a total of 17 languages are available. The Malayalam language is not available but the Hindi is there. Then click on the ‘Let’s go’ button.
  • This will ask your permission to access the device camera and location to point you in the right direction. Click on ‘Got it, and give permission to access camera and location services.


This will then show you the direction on your device. When you face to the right direction, it will say that ‘You are facing the Qibla’. The Google Qibla finder also shows you how many kilometers are you away from the Kaaba.

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