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Duolingo: best App to learn English easily


As English has become the most commonly used language worldwide for official communication, the majority of the people around the globe are about to learn the language to speak and write effectively. People are struggling a lot to handle the language even if it is not their mother tongue, still making use of different facilities like online and offline classes to practice it for their professional use. Many applications are available on the internet to learn English in an interesting way, but the major goal of most of the applications or websites is to make more profit only. The ultimate aim of the people to learn the best English always will be in vain.

Here is an app that is available in Google Play Store and it is the Duolingo app that allows you to learn English in a bite-sized lesson format. This app is 100 percent free and is fun and easy to learn the lessons. Many short lessons are available that help you to learn and practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing so that your vocabulary and punctuation will improve a lot. The main features are:

  • The app is 100% free to use
  • The bite-sized lessons help to learn it effectively and have achievements to boost your level of improvement
  • 34 hours of Duolingo classes are equivalent to a semester of university-level education and hence it is very effective.
  • Duolingo not only allows you to learn English but also many languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and many more languages, that too for free


The mini-lessons available in the app give you a feel of playing games and the achievements in between that you get once you complete each lesson and practice sessions give you an added advantage of boosting yourself to learn more efficient lessons.

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