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Money Manager is an app developed for Android users which provides you with the easiest way to manage your financial plans. Money Manager makes it possible to oversee your individual budgets as simple as a pie! Presently effectively record your own and business financial exchanges, create spending reports, survey your day by day, week after week, and month to month financial information. And you can also deal with your resources with Money Manager’s spending tracker and spending organizer.

The main features of this Money manager App include:

  • Applying a double-entry accounting bookkeeping framework

Money Manager works with effective resource the board and bookkeeping. It not only does simply the recording of your cash coming all through your record but also stores your cash into your record when your income is input and draws cash from your account when your account is your input.

  • Budget and expense management function

Money Manager can show your expenditure and budgets by a graph diagram so that you can see the number of your expenses against your financial plan rapidly and make appropriate financial inductions

  • Credit/Debit Card management system

Entering a settlement date, you can see the sum to be paid and extraordinary payment at the asset tab. You can connect your debit card with your account and thereby can make arrangements for automatic debit.

  • Passcode

You can check the password so you can securely deal with your financial audit account book with the Money Manager.

  • Transfer, direct debit, and recurrence function

Moving between resources is conceivable, which makes your own and business resource management more proficient. Also, you can oversee you compensation, insurance, term deposit, and loan details all the more effectively by setting automatic transfer and recurrence.


  • Instant insights

Based on the information entered, you can instantly see your expenditures by category and change every month. What’s more, you can see the difference in your resources and pay/cost demonstrated by a graph also.

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