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Magzter: Digital Magazines & Newspapers


It’s been quite a while we are sitting inside our home. Even though it is for our and our society’s well-being it is boring. Especially if we don’t have much work to do staying indoors can get annoying.  And this is the time we get to think about doing different things, starting new hobbies like cooking, reading, watching movies etc. When coming to reading newspapers and magazines are an interesting option. But it is really hard to go outside to get one and also getting closer with paper is also not that safe as it comes through many hands. Here is where we can think about digital magazines, and what if you get a virtual newsstand to pick your favourite magazine or newspaper. ‘Megzter: Digital Magazines & Newspapers’ is one such app that brings to you a virtual newsstand.

Megzter is world’s one of the largest digital reading application with more than 5000 magazines and newspapers. Megzter provides magazines papers from around the globe and includes finest articles from magazines like Forbes and other best-selling magazines. One of the biggest issues about reading in digital form is to adjust the article into our screen size. But the features of Megzter automatically optimize the pages to our screen size in layouts responsive to the pages of magazine or newspaper. With Megzter you can bookmark or download your favorite content for later reading. Even though it is a free app it has a paid version which gives you a Gold membership that you can share up to four other users.  Megzter app is available in iOS, Android and also Amazon Fire tablets.


Some of the magazines and newspapers on Megzter:

  • Business: Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur
  • Entertainment: Entertainment weekly, OK! People, US Weekly
  • Fashion: Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan
  • Fitness: Health, Men’s Health, Yoga Journal
  • News: Time, India Today, Newsweek
  • Newspaper: The Guardian, Hindustan Times, Daily Mirror, Business Standard


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