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Translate All, Text & Voice Translator – Tranit


Tranit provides free translation into all languages

What is the mystery of communication?? I guess it’s language. Our need is only fulfilled with language, so the heart of communication is language. sometimes we are struggling with a lack of vocabulary. Tranit helps you a lot in such a situation.
Today all of us are active on social media platforms. Lots of people are joining from all over the world. Mother tongue doesn’t satisfy to deal with such a situation. Tranit is the only solution in such a situation. That app translates text content to native languages.  Let’s learn more about the app.


Tranit is an Android mobile app. it allows you to translate into the language of your choice. Now, this app is available in the Google play store.

How set the transit application

  • install the transit app from play store
  • open the application after the installation.
  • Tap on the start button on the bottom of the page.
  • Then the application asks for permission and taps the bubble on the icon for permission.
  • Move to accessibility settings and services settings
  • Then transit will be active.
  • you can see a red or grey icon in the transit app. Now it is grey tap on red
  • Next, you set your language, you can set two languages for translation.
  • The application mostly includes Indian languages.


Tranit app providing translation options are:

  • translator application.
  • text translation: it includes bubble translation, input box translation and whatnot.
  • floating ball translation/screen translation.
  • automatic language detection.
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