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Onescore app: the best way to know about your credit score


Nowadays everyone has credit cards. These cards are very helpful for payments, shopping recharges, etc. A higher credit score or CIBIL score is the primary criterion for obtaining a credit card. So, everyone must be aware of their credit scores. Nowadays different kinds of mobile apps are available to check credit scores. Among them, one score is the best app to check your credit scores for free.
One score app

It is an android application. It gives a clear picture of your free credit scores. It also provides credit reports. We can download the app from the google play store. It is free of cost and is an ad-free mobile application. It has a 4.6 rating in the google play store. More than 10 million people are currently using this app. It’s totally spam free. This app provides data security. It usually collects personal information and financial information to analyze your credit score. Name, address, email, phone number, etc are the major details collected under personal information. Financial data consist of information based on your credit score. Data is encrypted in transit. It provides security to your information. The data privacy practices may vary based on the use, region, and age of the users. As per the developers, the data collected by this app is never shared with a third party like companies or organizations. The data can be deleted as per your request.


This is a very smooth and simple mobile application to learn about your credit scores. It automatically refreshes every month without any reminders. It also provides basic financial tips to the users. It’s ad-free and has no spam. It is simple and easy to use. It always provides a score history. Which helps to analyze and improve the credit score in a better manner.

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