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Qamusee review


What? No reply? Aren’t you able to read it? Or understand it? When it comes to Arabic, the language used in the Holy Qur’an is a nightmare for most people. It’s not always wise to take a dictionary with us everywhere we go. Language shouldn’t be a hurdle for us to do anything, especially in this age of progressing technology. Well, don’t worry! Qamusee is here to lend you a hand. With more than 130k words and its meanings, this offline dictionary app can help you bolt out your Arabic language fever.

Qamusee provides a two-way path. Translation can be done from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English. But this requires internet connectivity. Another added features include favourite list(where words which are always used can be added), history(of course to get back to words you’ve already searched) and the ability to translate the shared text. Small Application size is also maintained without compromising the word content. And most importantly you don’t have to spend time closing advertisements.*wink wink*


The app has been downloaded by 1M+ users. With a 4.4 star rating, qamusee is well-liked by all. A recent update has enabled to fix app bugs. With its simple yet sublime configuration, this app is a blessing for beginners. Remember, Qamusee can only be downloaded from play store and also supports old android versions.
So..why wait? Download now!!

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