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Best 3 English Learning Mobile Apps

Today English as the global language so, without English our existence in the plant is not possible. So knowing English is not a silly matter. From the record of 2019 almost 55 sovereign states and 27 non- sovereign states are in our world where the English as the official language, and in addition to many country subdivision also declared English as their official language.
Mother’s tongue is only enough for our domestic purpose. English is a globally accepted language because of this reason our opportunities and position in the job field only decide on the base of English knowledge.
So many people can recall their own awkward situation about the lack of English language.
Anyway, it’s time to say goodbye to such a situation. Because the whole world has changed no matter where you are, how you are and how old you are these are not the same excuse for not learning English. Introduce some easy English learning online apps.
1) FluentU

The whole people want to improve their own English like native speakers. You can fulfil your dream through this app. FluentU easy the language learning by the real video of the music video, news, inspiring talks and whatnot. Each video carries interactive caption, definition, pronunciation also. This facility makes the FluentU as the best choice of online English learners. You can available this app in play store and enjoy the easy learning way.

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Are you interested in playing games, you can also learn English through games yes the app Duolingo provides the opportunity to learn English through gamification.
The app present English learning in eye-catching video games, you don’t have any feeling of learning English you only have the feeling of just playing a game. If you make any mistake in English game learning, they give another game to correct it. You again make mistake, you also give by another game. Enjoy the English learning by playing fun games through the free installation of the Duolingo app on play store.



Are you ready to aside 10 minutes for English learning, your Busuu is with you to easy taught the English. Busuu is the best choice of English learning beginners. Busuu framed the opportunity to speak with native speakers.

This gives Busuu a unique look. iOS and Android provide their users to improve their language by the Al-powered platform of Busuu.
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