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Home workout- No Equipment: free men’s workout app


The food habits and the dietary rules in the present day are making both men and women fattier and at the same time, are caught with many diseases faster and easily. Hence all people irrespective of age are becoming more conscious of their health and dietary habits. Many of them have taken it as a challenge to reduce body weight and fat while some others have taken it as a part of their daily routine to perform various exercises in order to keep their body fit and active.

Many applications are available in the Play Store as well as on the internet that helps people to boost their workouts in a scheduled and periodic manner. Also, such applications provide the right methods to exercise and practice various steps to reduce the fat in their body. But we should never be misguided by any wrong information given in usual apps that aims at gaining profit only as their target in the market. Home Workout- No equipment is a free app available in the Google Play Store designed for men. Being the top app among the workout apps, this application has great feedback from many millions of users. This app provides fitness routines for almost all muscle groups.

The main features include:

  • Bodybuilding activities
  • Strength training activities to build up your muscles
  • Fat Burning Workouts to burn out your calories
  • Home Workouts to get a six-pack abs
  • Multiple Exercises that include various activities like Push-ups, squats, sit-ups, plank, crunching, wall sit, jumping jacks, punching, triceps dips, etc.
  • Fitness Coach provides all sports and gym-related workout activities.
  • Has detailed video guides as well as animation guides
  • It records your training progress automatically
  • You can customize your workout reminder


The user can effortlessly share his feedback on social media also using the easy feature available in this application.

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