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Quran Lalithasaram Mobile App Review


Most often, many find it difficult to learn Arabic and thereafter to recite the holy book of Qur’an. After all, everyone may not able to read it accurately or grasp the insight it provides. But here we have Qur’an Lalithasaram app to help you out with its solid and comprehensible Malayalam transcript version. Along with its a simple language, this android app offers you an added benefit of the audio file.

One can hear the audio recitation of Al Afasi and Malayalam recitation in Noushad Ibrahim’s voice on lalithasaram and remain in the pacific and soothing emotion it provides. The new attractive layout and Mus’haf view are the next best features. Also, users can download audio files and share option is also present. Auto-stop audio and playback option is also available.Sura-Aya bookmarking and navigation options guarantees you a user-friendly experience. The index for Sura is simple and word meanings can also be accessed in Usmani script.

With over 10k+ downloads, the review section is enough for you to download this app. An average rating of 4.6 stars is marked. With its comparatively small apk size, this app is offered by D4 media. Bug fixes are done in the latest updation. This, for sure,helps you in every possible way to understand the Qur’an better.


Masha Allah!

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