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From spellbinding Dream11 IPL 2020 to electrifying formula 1 races, lovey-dovey SRK movies to astounding avengers series,sanskari Hindi star TV serials to premiere American TV shows, Hotstar is your ultimate buddy to gape at. Disney adds flavor to this ultimate video streaming app for binge-watching. Indian users have special access to vernacular language shows which indeed is a heart balm for everyone out there. This India-only service app is where anyone, from crazy cricket fans to fabulous fairy tale admirers, is served with their cup of tea.


Officially launched in April, Disnep+hotstar provides free unlimited access to thousands of hours of TV shows and movies, latest news and sports highlights. The VIP annual subscription for Rs.399 includes access to selected contents and shows while the premium one year plan worth Rs.1,449 can bring you everything the app can offer. There is another monthly subscription of Rs.299 for short time users. Ever since the collaboration, some major changes have been made in the panoramic view of the application.

The Disney+ icon leads you to the world of Disney and other platforms owned by it, which includes marvel and National Geographic. Kids safe content option is also added. Premium members can access native shows and also watch dubbed version of Disney movies in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Hotstar specials give you the special list of new and blockbuster shows. Oh…’ Pappas’ of the family don’t worry, Hotstar can offer you live news channels too, like Aaj Tak and ABP news. You can watch your shows at an amazing 1080p resolution. But one thing, hotstar+disnep loves too much of ads.


Watch ISL Online

The aura of navy blue Disney + Hotstar hits different. So is it’s content variety and access options. Users can get it through iOS, Android, WebOS, LG TVs and so many other devices. ‘100M+ downloads’ is enough proof for you to download it and view its exclusive and original content quality. Almost 8M+ have reviewed it giving a 4-star rating. It is also tagged as #1 under top free ratings.



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