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Applock Material – Lock Apps, PIN & Pattern Lock


A smartphone is a very personal gadget for a person using it. There will be much personal information as well as highly sensitive data in the phone like messages, passwords, bank details, social media apps etc and also we click lot of personal photos and videos on our phones. The Android features a large number of apps that will help you to lock apps through a password, PIN, fingerprint scanner, Face detector or some other unique ways. One of such apps is Applock Material- Lock Apps, PIN & Pattern Lock which will help you to lock apps and also to hide messages with pin or pattern lockers.


The Applock Material protects its user’s privacy with material lock; it will lock the gallery, videos, messages, social media apps and files from others. Attractive features of this app are; smart networks which will close the lock service automatically when connected to some specific Wi-Fi network and Trusted Bluetooth device which will also close the lock service when connected to secure Wi-Fi. The Remote lock feature will control the lock services remotely with text messages. The app also has a cool feature which will help you to change the password if you forget the password of the Applock Material. If you forget the password, open Applock click the icon at top right corner of lock page and select ‘Forgot Password’, enter the security answer and then you can set a new password.  The Auto Background feature of the app will help to set the background according to the application.


One can also control the lock service with scheduled time task. The app also provides various lock styles like pin and pattern. The app also allows locking Google Play to prevent buy games. It also has features to manage low battery and memory usage. One can lock all apps with a text message by sending SMS from another device.


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