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Control light and fan using TV remote


The technology has been developing day by day. Every people who were related to technology has been trying to invent new products easily. Nowadays, we can control our fan and light with the TV remote. Things required to make remote controller are.


  • TV remote
  • 5V relay
  • IR sensor
  • BC547 transistor
  • V8 socket
  • 1N4007 Diode
  • Cd4007 pin diagram
  • 104 Capacitor
  • 100k resistor
  • 1K resistor

You will get detailed Malayalam review from YouTube through the link 

Firstly you have to take Cd4007 pin diagram to start work. It is an IC chip consisting of 16 pins. Then connect IC’s 4th pin with a 15th pin with a thin rod or a piece of wire. Then join 8th and 13th pin with a wire. After that, you need to join the 16th pin to 14th pin with 100k resistor. There is no pole for resister so that you can sold resister to IC chip with any side. Then solder 104 Capacitor with IC’s 13th and 14th pin. After all this, you have to connect the IC chip with the Infrared signal sensor of the remote. The IR sensors can we buy from any electronic shops in low cost. Then solder its first pin and second pin with 14th and 13th IC chip pin respectively. Then fold the 3rd pin of the IR sensor to the upside of the sensor. Then solder the 3rd pin of the IR sensor with the 16th pin of the IC chip. You have to be very careful while it connects. Then you have to connect the relay for switching purposes. Then connect the 1N4007 diode to the relay on the side having 3 pins. Then you have to connect BC547 transistor to the diode. Then sold 1K resistor from the 2nd pin of the transistor. Then I took 3 wires with the colors of red, white and black. Firstly you have to connect the red wire with the diode that already connected with the relay. Connect the black and white wires to the emitter of the transistor. The black wire on the 3rd pin and white wire on the 2rd pin respectively. Then connect those red, black and white wires to the IC chip pins 16, 8 and 3 respectively. Finally, you have to connect those to the 5V supply from the mobile charger. Finally the remote controller is ready to use. Before that, you need to connect the wires of light and fan to the remote contr diode to work. Then it will receive the signals emitted from your TV remote and can control it with it.

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