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What to do during a home quarantine


“Human beings are not real great about endless time at home, not really knowing what to do with yourself,” these are the words of Lauren Murray, a clinical psychologist and associate scientist at Johns Hopkins University.  This is what many of us are going through in the current lock-down situation.  A break from the busy schedules of life was something we craved for and in this lock-down situation, many of us are getting suffocated inside the four walls of our house because we are not getting any idea of how to spend this much time in the home. Here let us see some relaxing activities that we can do during this COVID-19 home quarantine.


  • Home workout: Even though the gyms are now closed we can do some exercise in our home itself. There are plenty of home workout tutorials on YouTube so you can easily find something that will suit you. Doing workout not only helps you to maintain good health but also it will help you to spend some quality time.
  • Do yoga: Consider doing some yoga, not only it is a physical activity to spend time but it also helps to boost your mood, lower stress, and anxiety. There are several online yoga classes that you can explore from the comfort of your home.
  • Connect with friends and relatives: You can call, chat, video call or email to your friends and relative thus you can lower the stress due to social distancing. Consider this as the best time to catch up with your long lost friend or relative.
  • Clean and reorganize your home: Cleaning and reorganizing your home helps you to spend some time or maybe a whole day and in the current, it is really important to make you’re surrounding highly hygienic to kill the virus.
  • Cook: It is the perfect time to bring your culinary skills as you have plenty of time. Also consider this as a detox period as it is better to eat healthy homemade food rather than restaurant food.
  • Watch movies/series: we can watch movies on television or stream content in Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar or other streaming services as we all have the access to the internet. We can create a family movie time and enjoy that time.
  • Read: Remember a book in your shelf that you always wanted to read but couldn’t read it as you don’t time for it. Then this is the perfect time for it, enjoy reading books that you always wanted to read. Even if you don’t have that book you can easily find its digital copy in this digital age.
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