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How to create account on IMO without phone number


 IMO is the largest video calling platform that can be download from google play store.

It provides high-quality video calls. It consumes low only low internet data and it’s completely free to use. We can also use it as a messaging application. It allows sending text messages, photos, videos and more easily through the application. The application supports both android and iOS devices. The IMO requires to verify the account with your mobile number. If you want to create an account without your mobile number, firstly you need to download the application. After that follow the steps to create an account;

Method 1

Firstly download the Text Now application from google play store through the link;


Then open it on your device. The application provides free local phone numbers and we can use those numbers for calling purposes.  After opening the application, you need to log in with your Gmail or facebook I’d. Then select a number from the list and notes down. Then enter the number into IMO and you can verify the number with Textnow application.

Method 2

The second method provided another application that provides phone numbers without any cost. Textfree is an application that provides unlimited phone numbers to make phone calls and SMS. You can download the application through the link from Google Play Store;


After installing the application open it.  The application provides instructions about how to access phone numbers with the application. Then select a number and enter it on IMO. You can verify the phone number using the textfree app.

Method 3

The third method is an easy method.  If you have a landline number,  you can use it as IMO number.  At the verification time, the IMO call on your number and they provides the verification code.  You can verify the IMO number by entering the verification code number.

These methods are very easy to use.

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