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Download Screen Filter App And Protect Your Eyes

The size of the app is only 67 kb. You can download and install the app Very easily even in the low network. The app has 5 million downloaders with an average rating of 4.5 stars rated by more than 1 lakh peoples. The app was uploaded in the category of tools in google play store. The app is offered by honour industry and released on November 17 2010. The latest version of the app is 1.3 updated on November 23 2013.

                     You can actively screen filter with one tap on the app icon. After that, you can adjust the brightness level within the app. The app doesn’t need to grand any permissions for its functioning. The app will help you to reduce your eye stress. The app will improve your device’s battery life. It is more powerful than Android’s inbuilt brightness level. It will help you to use even in low light with low brightness to reduce eye stress and related problems. After enabling the application, you can adjust the brightness level in your notification panel. There is an option to disable soft-key backlight but it doesn’t work on all mobiles. For better-grained control, the app uses a logarithmic scale. The main purpose of the app is to reduce the blue light emitted from your device. The blue light emitted by the digital devices are very dangerous and powerful. It will cause to damage cells and eye stress.

             If you have any troubleshooting with this app like the screen suddenly or accidentally turns into black restart your device or uninstall the application. After that reset your devices brightness settings and reinstall the application. This app will be very helpful for those who suffer from eye stress or other related problems.


                          This is one of the best screen filter application available on google play store. You can download the app through the link.

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