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AnyFi – Free P2P Wi-Fi Sharing Application

AnyFi – Free P2P Wi-Fi


It is a security app for a network of smartphones. It can be download from Google play store. Its size is only 2.9 MB. It has 10 thousand downloaders with an average rating of 4.2 stars. This app is offered by Anyfi and was released on 13th February 2017. The latest version of this app is 2.0.4 updated on 11th July 2017. It can be download through the link provided below; this app will work on only on Android devices.

                               AnyFi is a simple app for Wi-Fi sharing. You need to allow some android app permissions for function the app properly. This Wi-Fi mesh app run on the device that connected to Wi-Fi. You can watch the connected devices through this app and can mesh your Wi-Fi network. The app will automatically connect to the hotspots automatically created by the other devices. This app will run when the Wi-Fi and VPN access is on. You can follow this app on Facebook, Twitter and from the website;

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This app is user friendly and flexible to use. This will boost the Wi-Fi connection range easily.  This app will extend the range of the wireless internet and can simply share your data connection with your friends. It will connect even in off-grid. You can communicate without any telecommunications with the use of this app. When it works your device will turn into a Wi-Fi repeater. Once you install Anyfi on two or more devices and connect your device to Wi-Fi and this app will also extend the Wi-Fi range that you connected. If the network neutrality is gone the app will always search for other networks and connect it automatically.


This is the best app available in Google Play store for boosting and mesh network of smartphones.


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