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How to download birth certificate in Kerala


The birth certificate is the first proof to establish our identity. The birth certificate has a major role in our lives for different purposes. We can use the birth certificate as proof of age proof, address proof, and identity proof. In this digitalized world, we can store our identity cards in mobile phones. Nowadays, we can also download the birth certificate and can save it on your device easily through the following steps.


  • Search LSG Kerala in Google and you can see some options related to the department of LSG (Local Self Government).
  • Select the first option from the page mentioned തദ്ദേശ സ്വയംഭരണ വകുപ്പ് (LSGD Kerala).
  • Or you can directly access to the official website of LSGD Kerala through the following link:
  • The website provides Malayalam and English language. You can choose one of from it.
  • Then scroll down and you can see birth and death certificate option in the bottom of the page. And select the option.
  • Then you will redirect to the page of Civil Registration Sevana and select the option ‘Certificate search’ from it.
  • Then enter the district, local body type (Municipality, corporate and Grama panchayath) and local body then submit it.
  • After the submission of those details, you can see the status of available records.
  • Those lists are sort out in the basis of the birth or death certificate updation.
  • Then select the year in which your birth certificate updated.
  • Then you have to fill those formats with your details. You don’t have to fill all the details. Just fill the mandatory fields.
  • Then, you have to verify through word verification.
  • Then it will load the files related to the details you have entered. Then select from it and click on the view button to get the full view. And we can check where it belongs.
  • If it belongs to you. You can easily print directly from the website by clicking the print option.


You can also view the the details review in Malayalam from YouTube through the link

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