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Download Internet Booster and optimiser Android App


Sometimes the internet speeds are becoming very low in some mobile phones.  The Boosting tools solutions has been developed an application named Internet Booster and optimizer on 29 May 2014. Every android users can download the application from google play store through the link given.


The size of the app is only 1.3 MB. The app requests to grant some permissions such as allow to read contacts to control phone calls and other minor permissions. You can turn off the permissions at any time from your device settings. After opening the application, it will show a pop-up message to accept their privacy and policies. Then you need to select an option from application homepages such as non-root user,  root user or I don’t know. To boost internet speed,  just tap on the red icon that can be accessed from the homepage of the application.  Then the application starts optimizing your device to increase internet speed.  It will automatically shutdowns the background applications to increase the speed. The speed of internet connection will reduce due to malware infections, incorrect router configuration or due to the internet service provider.  But the low RAM and some running applications will reduce internet speed. This application will help to clean system caches and junk files that affect the internet speed.


The app will work on rooted and non-rooted devices.  It will also work on the devices having 2g,  3g Or 4g network. The application is completely free to use and it is also safe to use.  the interface of the application was designed user-friendly so that it will suitable for all age groups. It is a trustful and encrypted application. We can assure it by checking the number of users and by its rating.  Download the application and start enjoying fast and strong internet without any troubles.

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