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“” what is this? A coding or something like that? …… No! It’s a mobile app for a faster and safer internet. The app gives you a private and safer internet usage experience. Are you scared of if someone is spying on your internet activities? Then this app can give you a solution,   with WARP prevents spying on your activities by encrypting more of the traffic leaving your phone. The with WARP changes the connection between your phone and internet with a modern, optimized, protocol and your connection with WARP is always fast and reliable wherever you are.


Now some of you will be thinking what is a WARP? WARP is basically a VPN, in other words, it is for those who don’t know what VPN stands for.WARP secures all your web browsing and it also applies to all apps running on your phone. After installing WARP if you browse any unencrypted internet, this app can cache and compress content and thus improve performance as well as decrease your data usage. Its reliability and performance make give it a distinguished place among other VPNs. When other VPNs slow down your mobile performance WARP always tries to improve your mobile performance.WARP has been built around a UDP based protocol that is optimized for the mobile internet. It is also supported by Cloudflare’s massive global network which allows WARP to connect with servers within seconds of internet users around the world.


WARP is an easy to use application. The basic version of WARP can be used for free, and there is an upgraded version WARP+ which needs a low monthly subscription. One highlighting feature is that any unused part of the free trial or the subscription will be credited.  This app also gives its users assurance of certain privacy protection which includes: they never sell your browsing data or use it for any advertising purpose, they never asks your personal information, not even your phone number or your email address.

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