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Know All The Details About RC and Licence Download mParivahan

The size of the app is only 12MB. It has one million downloaders with an average rating of 3.7 stars rated by more than nine thousand peoples. The app is offered by NIC eGov Mobile Apps and released on January 10 2017. It is uploaded in the category of productivity in google play store. It is the top 10th productivity application in play store.


                   The app provides the complete information about owner name, Registration date, Registering authority, vehicle age, insurance validity, make model, fuel type, vehicle class and fitness validity. You need to grand some permissions like the app to use the location information of the device, camera, contacts, microphone, SMS and storage to function the app properly. You can search the vehicle details by entering the vehicle registration number. You can see the search bar on the top of the display. You can search the driving license details by entering the DL number. The app also gives other services like traffic status, citizen report and nearest RTO office. In case of any accidents, you can verify the owner details with the help of this app. You can sign up to the app with your mobile number. After entering your mobile number you will get an OTP to confirm your account.

                   It is very helpful for those people who buy a second-hand vehicle because they can check the vehicle details, age and its fitness. The main highlight of the app is;

  • Virtual registration certificate and driving license.
  • RTO and Traffic office location and route.
  • Encrypted QR code (the app is very safe to use).
  • Road offence and accident reporting.
  • DL and RC search.
  • Transport notifications to citizens.


You must log in to access those features except DL and RC search. It is the complete transport solutions for citizens.

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