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Stretching Exercises at Home -Flexibility Training


It’s been a while that all of us are locked up in our homes due to the Coronavirus pan endemic. For the past several days there have been no gyms, no evening walks, and no outdoor exercises, we all are sitting at home.


If you are a person who wishes to start your exercises at home itself but doesn’t know much about any kind of exercising or stretching here is an app for your help, ‘Stretching Exercises at Home-Flexibility Training’. Exercising and stretching is a good way for weight loose, relaxation and also to feel good. If you start your day with exercises then it will help you to make a stress free and laziness free day.

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Stretching Exercises at Home is an app offered by Leap Fitness Group, released in 2018. The app provides free daily stretching routines for all body muscles, to increase the muscle flexibility and also for pain relief. The app functions like a personal fitness coach as all of the workouts in the app are designed by professional fitness coaches. Experts say that stretching is quite necessary in a person’s daily life even if she/he is not looking forward for a workout. It is advised that a person should stretch at least 2-3 times in a week to stay healthy. Stretching is highly good to avoid the risk of injuries, prevent cramps and helps fast recovery and reduce muscle soreness after exercises. Stretching is a very common remedy for back pain; studies have shown that stretching improves the blood circulation of muscles and joints and thus helps for pain relief.

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The Stretching Exercises at Home provides different types of stretching exercise instructions for different needs. The app has categories like ‘Daily routine’ which includes morning warm up and sleepy time exercise, ‘For runners’ which has pre-run warm up and post-run cool down stretches, ‘Pain relief’ which has neck and shoulder stretching, back stretching, full body stretching etc. Some of the main features of this app are:
• It is a complete free app and there are no locked features.
• It allows you to customize and create your own stretching exercising routine by changing the exercise order in the app.
• The app provides voice coach with detailed animated video support.
• The stretching exercises shown in the app does not require any kind of equipment.
• The workout reminder in the app will reminds you to do your exercise at time thus helps you to make stretching a daily habit.
• The app tracks your calories burned and it also tracks your weight trend.
• It records your training progress automatically.

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