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Learning a language is like a wealth that you earned and it’s always a rewarding thing one can do. There are many ways through which you can learn or improve your knowledge in a language like attending classes that teach languages or self-learning with books. But with the facilities that we now have, we can very easily start learning English simply sitting in our home itself. An internet connection, a smartphone or a PC is all we need to have. Today there are many websites as well as mobile applications that helps us (both online and offline) to learn different languages including English. Hello, English is one such app, which is a highly recommended app by people around the globe for learning English.
Hello, English is a spoken English app which helps you to improve your skills in speaking, reading and writing the English language. The app covers all aspects of language learning including vocabulary, spelling, grammar, translation, reading and speaking skills. To get started with this app one must have the ability to understand the basic structure and alphabets of the language. The app supports 22 languages and when you first launch this app you should select your native language. From then onwards the app will communicate to you in that language. After that there were will be a small test to understand your knowledge and weakness in the language and on behalf of that test result, the app will recommend the lessons which will help you to improve. Hello, English is a free and ad-supported app but it has a premium version that has no ads and also you can access some special courses.
• 475 interactive lessons: The app provides 475 free interactive lessons which include conversational English, grammar, vocabulary, etc. It works in offline mode also.
• Interactive games: There are several interactive games for different English lessons, by playing it and winning you can earn rewards to unlock more difficult game levels.
• Practice using daily contents: Learn with daily news, articles, video-audio clips and e-books.
• Speaking practice games: You can speak to the app and improve your spoken English skills.
• Dictionary: Dictionary with 10,000 words will help you to improve your vocabulary and also hear their pronunciation.
• Play with friends: The multi-player feature helps you play quizzes and other games with learners across the globe, thus improve the language.


Hello, English has been awarded as Google’s Editor’s Choice in 2018 and 2017 and India’s Best Mobile App of 2017 by IAMAI. As we all are in the lock-down situation due to the coronavirus we can make the best use of it with this app and thus improve our English language skills.

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