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How to share Wi-Fi without revealing the password


The Wi-Fi provides wireless internet connections that can be connected to multiple devices. You can secure the Wireless Network through setting passwords. The Wi-Fi networks are mainly used to connect one or more devices at any time. The connections are done through radio waves. The Wi-Fi can be set anywhere such as offices, bus station, railway station, etc. Wi-Fi networks can be encrypted through passwords.


The strength of the Wi-Fi signal will depend on the interference of the location. Nowadays nobody can ignore the internet. Internet is the main thing that needed in everywhere while working or for other purposes. Most of the peoples are using mobile data for their purposes and sometimes Wi-Fi network also. It won’t be safe to share the Wi-Fi passwords to other peoples.

                We can share Wi-Fi without revealing the password. We can connect to Wi-Fi by scanning QR code instead of revealing the password. Android and iOS users can easily create QR code in several ways. There are many sites available to convert password into QR code. Those are; and After that, you save to save that QR code on your device or can print it for further use. Steps to generate QR code are;

  • Visit any of that website and select Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi login.
  • Type the name of Wi-Fi network in the SSID network.
  • Then enter your password in the specified space.
  • Then select the network type. commonly it would be WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access).
  • Then click on the option generate and download QR code.

The iPhone users can be connected through QR code by scanning through the camera. At the time of scanning, a pop-up message “join the network ” will appear on the screen. Most of the android devices have inbuilt QR code scanner. If your device doesn’t support, download a QR code scanning application from play store.


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