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Download Hi Translate – WhatsApp translate, chat translator

It’s the app for translate your WhatsApp, messenger and SMS chats. This app is available on Google Play store. It is easy to install because of its size. Its size is only 4.9 MB. It has 100 thousand downloaders with an average rating of 4.5 stars. This app is offered by Fun and Hi Tool. This app was released on 8th December 2017. The latest version of this app is 1.0.8 updated on 30th March 2018. This app can be downloaded from the link that provided Below.


This app currently supports 25+ languages such as Hindi, Bangla, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Hausa, Japanese, Persian, Greek, Javanese, Turkish, Nepali, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Italian, Czech and Thai languages. It needs some permission to work its functions properly. After the installation opens the app then click on the Get Started option. After that this app will notify that to switch on the layout accessibility then turn in on. It needs an internet connection. Then it will show a bubble icon on the display. For translate, the message drag the bubble option to the text on the chat. Then it automatically translates into the selected language. For the translation of the current interface to double click on the bubble displayed on the screen then the displayed page will automatically turn to the selected language. You can fix the bubble menu anywhere on the screen. You can translate the input language to your native language by dragging the bubble to the chat box.


You can set the language on the app. You can fix your language and the other language that you would like to translate. You will also get a tutorial video within the app you can play it and watch those instructions visually.


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