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Caller Name Talker App


The caller name Talker application will help you to know who is calling while you driving or doing some activities. It will be very helpful for business people who were leading a busy life. The application will identify and tells the name of the caller while you getting incoming calls. The malam has been developed an application named caller name Talker for announcing the incoming caller names. Some devices have inbuilt features. Android user can download the application from the Google play store through the link.


The size of the application is only 3.8 Mb. It has more than one million downloaders with an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Before using the application, you have to grant some permissions such as allow to access the camera to take pictures, allow to access contacts, allow to read phone status and identity, allow to read the contents of the SD card and more.

This is one of the best callers name Talker application they can be download from Google play store. The application is not ads free so that I would become a disturbance for some users.

After opening the application, you can see some options such as call settings, SMS settings, Audio settings, torch settings, and notification settings. You can easily adjust the call settings like volume, vibration, the intensity of the talker and more. This application won’t works if you device doesn’t have text to speech library. It notifies suddens when we receive any calls or SMS. The highlights of the application are.


  • You can easily enable and customize the caller name announcer.
  • You can set number of repetitions for the announcement.
  • You can manage volume and vibrate settings.
  • It supports more than 40 languages. So that you can easily handle it with your preferred language.
  • You can adjust the speed rate of the announcer from the application.


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